Between the Lines unpacks the law to inspire and influence others to take action and make change.


Between the Lines’ vision is to ensure that laws affecting criminalized communities enacted by our governments are transparent and accessible to individuals, organizations and communities impacted by such laws; our vision is to see access to justice initiatives directly benefiting criminalized communities.


We recognize that this site sometimes uses umbrella terms; however, we stress that we do not want to essentialize. We identify as Black women, women of colour and Indigenous women. We want to centre the voices and experiences of people who are ultimately impacted by increasing criminalization. We want this initiative to expand and reach out into schools. Presently, we are seeking a person (individual, non-profit, etc.) with skills to help build an app to assist in helping making this information more accessible, especially as technology becomes more accessible. We understand that not everyone will have access to technology; so, we also want to do outreach to public schools and postsecondary institutions. The outreach would focus on assisting youth develop the tools they need to help advocate for change whether at grassroot, community or institutional levels. We believe, as people who are studying law, that this is another form of access to justice. Given the fact we are grounded and guided by our experiences in colonial Canada and elsewhere, we also adopt anti-racist, anti-oppressive and anti-colonial through a harm reduction and trauma informed lens.


Is this legal advice? No
Do you provide legal advice? No
What does represent? Between the Lines represents solidarity and community building. As women from various communities with a myriad of experiences, we choose this name because sometimes the law says one thing but it means another both in effect and interpretation. The 21 represents the fact that we are in the 21st century and technology has definitely impacted access to justice and public law initiatives. The name is deliberate and intentional, just like this project.
How can I use this information? You can use this information to help build tools and responses to police carding and increasing criminalization in your communities. Here are some ideas: Start a social media campaign using the hashtag #BTLlaw21 (that’s short for Between The Lines); create your own blog writing about the issues that matter to you (i.e., the impacts of policing and criminalization in your life); or start tweeting about some of the issues that matter to you using #BTLlaw21 if this project and its inspiration inspired you. These are just a few ideas but you are free to use this information to inform and inspire your own project – just let us know how we have helped you either by contacting us through our contact form (under the contact tab) or through a comment below.