Updates over the past few weeks!

Happy Spring 2017!

A lot has been happening over the last few weeks and BTL has some exciting news coming early next week. In the meantime, here are some links featuring BTL’s own co-creators and some updates, news, critical voices, and reports.

BTL’s Co-Creators Engaging/Being Engaged!


Watch Desmond Cole’s documentary, entitled “The Skin We’re In.”

The House of Commons passes an anti-Islamophobia motion, which is non-binding and not legislation or law but signals a condemnation toward Islamophobia and religious discrimination.

Public presentation of the Independent Police Oversight Report (IPOR) took place this week. You can read the report here. You can read our recommendations to the Independent Police Oversight Review Board here.

The Toronto Star discovers that the SIU (one of the organizations reviewed in the IPOR) “sanitize” allegations of misconduct from police report.

Toronto Star Opinion: Ending racial discrimination means overhauling our employment laws. You can read our recommendations to the Changing Workplaces Review here.


Read about how Canada violates the human rights of most vulnerable through its immigration detention policies and lawsincluding locking up children.


Read Shantal Otchere’s special in Now Toronto, highlighting Black folks’ experiences while renting in Toronto. And, Parkdale residents fight back against rent increases.

Justice for Abdirahman Abdi welcomes the charges, laid by the SIU, against Constable Daniel Montsion (and in a gross display of impartiality/bias, violating Ottawa Police’s own mission statement, the Ottawa police wear bands showing solidarity for the Constable charged in the death of Abdirahman Abdi).

We featured African-Grenadian womxn, Kimalee Phillip. Kimalee on intersectionality:


“For me, what it means to practice intersectionality is to never separate myself or parts of myself; to never just focus on what it means to be Black, on what it only means to be a womxn or what it means to be an immigrant. I also need to interrogate and if not answer (for it may not be my lived experience), at least pose the question of what it may also mean to be Black and Indigenous, Black and differently abled, Black and undocumented, Black and queer, Black and Muslim…these are just some examples. And it’s important that these things never occur in isolation but that they exist and are addressed together recognizing that different people are disproportionately impacted.”


Siavash argues the case for collecting race-based data to help ending racial profiling among Canadian police.

CBC Canada did a feature of 150 Black women who are staking their claim and place in Canada’s her/story.

Help support Tayjun Rodney’s fund to raise help for his injuries in a violent attack and racial profiling.

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