#BTLLAW21 ROUND-UP FEATURING: #InternationalDayToEndViolenceAgainstSexWorkers #MigrantWorkers #Carding #CrisisInCorrections

This week’s roundup is a mix of important victories (re: #MigrantWorkers); unfortunate setbacks (re: #LegalAidOntario); tragedy signalling the need for urgent reform (re: #CrisisinCorrections); and thought-provoking dialogue (re: #SexWork). Our weekly round-up contains some of the content that caught our attention this past week:

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

Immigration Detention

  • 15 people have died in immigration detention in Canada since 2000; 3 of them in 2016. Sign this petition to end immigration detention. #Not1more
  • Desmond Cole speaks with Karin, an organizer with the End Immigration Detention Network (audio).

Migrant Workers / Refugees

  • 4-in, 4-out’ rule for temporary foreign workers scrapped! Migrant workers who have worked in Canada for 4 years no longer have to wait 4 years to return.
  • December 18 is the annual International Migrants Day – sign this petition to continue advancing the rights of migrant workers; call for permanent status on landing!
  • Check out this new online tool, produced by the University of Ottawa Refugee Assistance Project, for refugee support workers and those who assist refugee claimants in preparing for their refugee hearing.

Carding / Racial Profiling/ Policing / Prisons


 Upcoming deadlines


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